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flo rida

Sure, you know him. Flo-Rida, like Florida but with a hyphen, so also like a Flow Rider, which I guess can only mean good things in the world of rap and beatz and beautiful women.

If I block out the words coming out of his mouth, I sometimes (and I’m sorry to admit it) but I sometimes accidentally enjoy his music.


How can you not screw up your face with a sort of appalled admiration at the man audacious enough to rhyme “I might lose it” with “That’s how we do’z it”?

Unfortunately I struggle to understand what Mr Rida is actually saying in his verses that come at you as an indecipherable wall of sound loaded with body-popping and laydeez and party-rocking.

So it’s a good job poet Hollie McNish is listening. Boundary-bending, fornicating, hyphenating Flo-Rida receives some severe critical analysis in her own rap-poem. You know his whistle? We think it might mean something else. And the metaphor doesn’t quite work like he intended it to.

All you have to do is watch these videos simultaneously. Mute Flo-Rida’s video and listen to Hollie’s commentary over it.

She is GREAT!!!

Here’s some of her other work about sexual imagery:

But to present a balanced argument, with an alternative view point, and not to disparage the world of rap about which I am generally ill-informed, please read this analysis of some of the best rap we have. The offensive and sexist lyrics of Flo-Rida (Florida but also Flow-Rider) aside, rap is a complex and highly technical poetry. It requires a precise sense of rhythm and an ability to quickly and flexibly pull up rhyming words.

I pass you over to Martin Connor to illustrate just how FLOW in a line of rap works. Oh hey maybe that’s what Flo-Rida really means after all. Read it HERE.


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